The future is flexible working

Mothers & Careers is a job board with flexible, full-time or part-time job opportunities curated from companies that allows for jobs with an element of flexibility.

The old working style of “clocking in, clocking out” could soon be a relic of the past, as technology allows people to connect and work from anywhere at anytime. Flexible working arrangements means better productivity and staff engagement, while enhancing health, happiness and work-life balance. We believe all businesses should adopt flexible working, especially if they want to attract and retain top talent.

Reconnect with your professional self

Going back to work after maternity leave? We know that having children can have an impact on a woman’s career. Whether a woman takes a short maternity leave or a longer career break, most mothers will have some time off when having a baby. Many women value flexibility when going back into the workplace, in order to deal with the practicalities of having young children. We believe life experience matters and that maternity leave should not hinder career progression.

Work for companies that value diversity and inclusion

Looking for work that pays well, is challenging and interesting, in a work-environment that supports work-life balance and family life? We only work with leading businesses and growing startups that value gender diversity and that have excellent work-life policies.

Own your career now – find a job that offers the flexibility you want, whether that is a full time job with flexible hours or remote working, a part time role or a job share.

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