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Mothers & Careers – flexible jobs for ambitious women

Mothers & Careers is a job site and job board specialising in flexible full time and part time jobs for ambitious, career-driven women. It is open to anyone to search and apply for jobs, however the website is aimed at mothers who are struggling to juggle family life and careers. We would like to help mothers get the life-balance they are looking for, whether that is a a full time job with flexible working hours or location, a role working from home, a part time job or a job share role. We are also trying to encourage women who are looking to get back to work after maternity leave or an extended career break to go for the jobs they really want or to try a Returners Programme.

We work with leading businesses and growing startups that value gender diversity and that have excellent work-life policies. The jobs they advertise are either full time jobs with flexible hours or location (or working from home one or two days), or they are flexible part time jobs, job share roles and anything in-between.

Our job seekers are ambitious, well-educated women with impressive career backgrounds in financial services, banking, management consulting, auditing, legal professions, creative industries and technology startups. They are looking for work that pays well, is challenging and interesting, in a work-environment that supports work-life balance and family life.

We also provide inspirational views and stories, news about maternity leave, flexible working regulation, your rights at work during pregnancy and anything else that is useful to pregnant women and new mothers.

According to the Institute of Leadership & Management,  women continue to be under-represented at senior levels across UK plc, particularly in the UK banking sector. Their research claims that barriers to progression for women are due to women opting out due to family commitments, lack of flexible working, lack of female role models and attitudes and culture in organisations. Many highly talented women are currently discouraged from reaching senior levels. We believe that if more job opportunities offered some level of flexibility then the industry would be able to prevent women leaving or ensure they return after a career break.

We believe you should not have to choose between a happy family life and a successful career. It is all about finding the right job for you at this stage in your life. Our mission is this: make flexible jobs more visible to ambitious female job seekers.


Anette Beelaerts van Blokland – Founder & Managing Director

Mothers & Careers was launched in 2017 when Anette realised there was a gap in the market for job boards promoting flexibility, particularly for jobs in the City of London.

Anette started her career in various commercial and operational roles in the shipping (maritime) industry. She then did a brief stint in foreign affairs at the Royal Norwegian Embassy before she embarked on a career in financial services and government relations. She has worked as a public policy advocate for Association for Financial Markets in Europe, public affairs manager for Nationwide and as a regulatory affairs manager for Standard Chartered Bank. Anette has a MSc in International Business Management.

Anette lives in West London with her husband Gerard and their 1 year old son.

MOTHERS & CAREERS LTD is registered in the UK, company number 10986709

Contributors & Guest Authors:


Lucinda van der Hart

Lucinda is a writer and social media manager. Lucinda has an MA in Theology from University of Oxford and went on to study journalism at the University of Arts London. She is married to Will and they have three children. She is the author of Soul Food for Mums & The Pregnancy Book.



Alison Wines

Alison is a corporate communications expert and the founder and Managing Director at Ursa Communications. A former lawyer, she has a Masters in Organizational Communication and held positions with KPMG in Australia and Deloitte in London before starting her own business. She is based in Canada but works remotely for clients in the UK, US and Australia as well. She is married to Brett and is the proud mama of two lovely daughters. She dreams of retiring to a cabin in the mountains with her dog and a supply of good red wine.