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Our recommended career coaches are experts and have helped hundreds of happy clients. They can help you, guide you and steer you in the right direction – whether that is performing better in a current role, asking for flexible working, finding a new job, managing pregnancy at work, deal with maternity leave, changing your career or setting up your own business – basically unlocking your true potential! Read more below about our experts.


Dr Leticia Casanova

Leticia Casanova has experience coaching business leaders and CEOs. As a successful dentist with a PhD in medicine, she has built up her own Harley Street clinic and a second business helping diabetes patients. She is also a teacher and lecturer at top Universities. She has great expertise in helping others managing their careers and regularly coaches a select number of ambitious business people with varied backgrounds and professions.

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Ms Leyla Okhai


Leyla Okhai‘s coaching centres on enabling clients to reach their career potential and progression, within a well-being framework that works for them. Leyla works with her coachees to explore their goals in a non-directive way, using visualisation, colour and imagery to open up the realms of possibility. The coachee can then decide how they want to achieve their career and work-life balance goals through 1-2-1 coaching. Well-being is at the heart of this process, and discussing and experimenting the best way to take this forward is a key element. Leyla works with a limited number of clients to ensure maximum support and attention to each coachee. She is the Founder and Director of Diverse Minds UK – Enhancing Cultural Capability and Workplace Wellbeing

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