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These organisations are top employers and offer great flexible working policies and – best of all – are currently hiring! They have fully embraced diversity and inclusion and understand the business case for allowing employees to have flexible working options, whether that is flexible working hours or flexible working location. These employers would like their employees to have fabulous careers yet still have a work-life balance that suits family life.

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Merilee Karr, Founder of Underthedoormat:

Running a start-up: flexibility is the name of the game!  We have been really impressed by the quality of candidates that have found us through Mothers and Careers; the flexibility works for everyone and we’ve had access to some excellent candidates who know that being part-time shouldn’t stop them doing a really interesting job.  We always use Mothers and Careers for our flexible vacancies as the quality is higher than other routes.

Kamilah Hale, Founder of Kin Learning:

I’ve used several different methods of advertising vacancies at my start-up and have struggled to find serious candidates looking for a long-term, part-time role. Through Mothers and Careers, I received great applicants almost immediately and was able to fill our recent vacancy with a great, dedicated part-timer. From now on, Mothers and Careers will be my first port of call when I have a vacancy.


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