Flexible working is the future

Isn’t it time your business realised the benefits of offering flexible working arrangements? We strongly believe that flexible working is the future. Millennials not only ask for it, they expect it and demand it. Companies need to keep up if they want to attract and retain young new talent.

According to Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017, if flexible working is built upon a solid, two-way exchange of trust, it will encourage loyalty and make a significant contribution to business performance. Those working in organisations that offer a high degree of flexibility in working arrangements seem to reward their employers with higher levels of loyalty.

Accountability and flexibility are highly correlated; those working in the more flexible environments report higher levels of personal responsibility. Employers are increasingly offering flexible working arrangements while respondents believe such flexibility improves things for everybody.

Millennials say that flexible working arrangements support greater productivity and employee engagement while enhancing their personal well-being, health and happiness. Furthermore, Deloitte’s survey claims that “those in highly flexible workplaces are
two-and-a-half times more likely than those in more restrictive organizations to say that flexible working practices have a positive impact on financial performance. This, if nothing else, should encourage businesses to further explore what might follow from having more flexible approaches to working arrangements.”


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