Why mothers?

Mothers & Careers – flexible jobs for ambitious women

Mothers & Careers is a job site with flexible, full-time or part-time job opportunities curated from companies that understand that women take career breaks and allows for jobs with an element of flexibility.

Every woman is unique and every career is different. However – we know that having children can have an impact on a woman’s career. It is a biological fact that women are pregnant for nine months and then need to leave the workplace for some time to look after their newborn baby. Whether a woman takes a short maternity leave or a longer career break, most mothers will have some time off. When going back into the workplace, many women also value some flexibility when starting a new job, in order to deal with the practicalities of daily family life.

Our goal is straightforward – we want to help you with your career challenge;

We want women to feel inspired and confident in their abilities, and have the courage and confidence to go for the jobs they want.

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